in this project, I experiment, with my own concept, try illustrate without time limit. so, I'm working on the finishing as much as possible until I get bored.
The following works were made between 2008 to 2012.
thank you for visiting this page, please enjoy.
"Provoke I" 2008
"Provoke II" 2008
"Provoke III" 2011
"Don't Need You" 2009
"Two thousand and twelve" 2012
"In Wektor We Trust" 2011
"Love or Confusion" 2009
"my brother doesn't bother" 2010
"Rhetorical Sensation" 2009
"Saya Prihatin" 2012
"Secret Admirer" 2009
"she's insult me" 2008
"wasn't so.." 2009
"wedyaaan" 2010
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