Hey there, nice to meet you! 
I'm Ayib! The name's Makmun Arif, but you can call me Ayib. I'm the brains behind Revoltan Studios. We're all about helping companies, startups, and agencies level up their brand identity game with killer styles that really make a splash. Our aim? To help 'em grab attention, win over audiences, and spin captivating stories.

My career as a creative started many years ago.
I’ve been in the creative game for a good while now. I’ve worked my way through different gigs at graphic design and advertising agencies, gaining valuable experience along the way. Then, in 2007, I had this brilliant idea to create Revoltan Studios. It’s like my alter ego, a personal brand that sticks in people’s minds, to make it easier to remember. You know, inspired by that quote I love: “you only fail when you stop trying.” I chose “Re” because it means return, and “volta” has this cool connection to electrical energy. So, to make it big, we gotta keep pushing forward, never giving up, and always recharging our creative energy.

At present, Revoltan Studios is engaged in a variety of graphic design projects, illustrations, and templates. You can also discover some of our work accessible on leading microstock websites such as:
 Adobe Stock (revoltan)
iStockphoto (revoltan)
Shutterstock (revoltan)
Freepik (gigvoltage)
Vectorstock (revoltan)
Creativemarket (revoltan)
and more.

Contact me for any information
You can email: revoltan@hotmail.com, or simply click the button below:
If you'd rather use a Google account, you can get in touch via this email: ayibworks@gmail.com​​​​​​​
I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for visiting this website.


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