Bangbang Wetan is an artistic representation that visually interprets a song bearing the same name, originating from the region of East Java. This song serves as an expression of gratitude towards the Divine Being. It commences by narrating the appearance of the ascending sun, or the emergence of dawn, accompanied by a reddish glow, as well as the melodic chirping of birds. Subsequently, the sound of people drawing water from wells for bathing becomes audible. The cascade of fresh well water instills within us an even greater sense of gratitude for the numerous blessings bestowed upon us by the Almighty. Enclosed herewith is the song "Bangbang Wetan," rendered by Kiai Kanjeng: Bangbang Wetan (Kiai Kanjeng)

The aforementioned illustration is also prominently showcased in RUPANADA, an exhibition comprising digital art illustrations that skillfully elicit the essence of Indonesian folk songs through the medium of visual artistry. This remarkable event took place at Jogja Gallery from May 2 to 8, 2014.
The sketch.
Vector outline on Adobe Illustrator.
'Bangbang Wetan'. Print on canvas 100x150cm.
RupaNada Digital Arts Exhibition at Jogja Gallery May 2-8 2014.
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